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Warm Pumpkin & Dart Mountain Goat’s Cheese Salad

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The great thing about this dish is that you are getting the four tastes as well as the crunch of the pumpkin seeds and the creamy texture of the roasted pumpkin. The sweetness of the pumpkin, the sourness from the pickled carrots, the bitter of the spinach and the saltiness from the goat’s cheese combined with the heat of our own chilli oil.

This is a great way of using up the inside of you pumpkin once you have hollowed it out for the Halloween decorations – you can even use the seeds…


  • Yesterday’s roasted pumpkin slices

  • Sugar Snaps – but these can be replaced with green beans or sweetcorn or any leftover veg of your choice

  • Baby Spinach

  • Randaddy’s Chili Oil

  • Randaddy’s Pickled Carrots

  • Goat’s Cheese

  • Maple roasted pumpkin seeds

To roast the pumpkin seeds – toss pumpkin seeds in a teaspoon of maple syrup and a shake of salt. Place on a baking tray in preheated oven (160 celsius) and roast until golden brown – this will take approx 20 mins.

Heat pan with chili oil and add yesterday’s sliced pumpkin to the pan with sugar snaps or your chosen veg. Once the pumpkin is heated through and begins to brown on the edges toss in the baby spinach for just 1-2 minutes to gently wilt. Season to taste and let cool slightly.

To serve, layer pumpkin on heated plate, top with sugar snaps, baby spinach and pickled carrots. Scatter with Goat’s Cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Top Tip: Roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious to snack on during the day so do extra and hold back some and store in airtight jar.

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