Winter time treats

While walking the streets all my scenes are alive, rain pours down, the smell of fresh coal burns in the air, and the chill of winter tries to set in. I can’t help but to think about a winter time menus.

 Every year seasons begin and end and with them lovely vegetables, seafood’s and meats have their certain time of year where they stand out in flavours.  Coming into the winter mussels become plump, root veg is taster than ever and game starts to come into play.The lovely robust dishes seem to be on the plates as they are bold, full of flavour, and almost irresistible.

My challenge to you is this. Come up with your own dish that you think would look good on the randaddys menu.Post it on the randaddys page or just below in the comments.

Let your thoughts run wild, your taste buds flourish and come up with something original. Who knows you might see your dish on randaddys menu.