SeaFood Chowder

seafood chowder

With this time of the year we have a few sure things , the surf improves, the weather starts cooling down and a bowl of chowder will be sure to warm your soul.

Thankfully in my line of work I have been able to travel and work in all parts of the world. In previous years it was more global, but now I reside in West Clare Ireland. This has been my schooling as I am discovering, learning and sharing many treasures and secrets that I have learned around the globe.

Many people have their own idea of what should and should not be in an Irish Seafood Chowder but general rules seem to be lots of great local white fish, easy on the salmon, shellfish, potatoes  a given   fresh herbs and a great white sauce.

So when it’s a bit chilly outside and the waves are crashing the beach wall treat yourself to a bowl of fresh seafood chowder where ever you are in the world.