Randaddy’s Video Recipes

Sweet Potato Chip Recipe

Hey Guys,

I love food!! I love eating it and I love cooking it.  Like most people I am usually tired in the evening after work but it still gives me great satisfaction to cook a fresh meal and sit down at the dinner table with my wife, and now our baby boy.

Don’t get me wrong I still want a quick meal but I want it to be nutritious and tasty too. This is were the idea came about to make some recipe videos. Over the years my wife and I have developed so many great time-saving recipes that are fun to cook, and now that we have started a family we have even thought up some great baby food recipes too.

We sat down with a local film maker Kevin Smith at the beginning of the year and planned out a whole series of recipe videos with different themes. At the moment we are sharing our first few videos on our Randaddy’s Facebook page and I am so delighted with how they have turned out.  They are everything we wanted them to be: They are fun, They are short and they are easy to follow!!

At the moment we are posting videos with the theme of sweet potato. We posted three videos over the last three Saturdays and you can watch all three videos on our Randaddy YouTube Channel. It would be great if you could subscribe to our channel and of course let us know what you think!
From next week on we will be posting our very own baby food recipes, so if you enjoy cooking for your little one make sure to stay tuned.
Thanks for reading!