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A Real Taste of Adventure

Customers always ask me “How the hell did a Canadian end up in Lahinch?”

Randaddy’s Restaurant, located on the beach front in Lahinch is known for giving customers a Real Taste of Adventure through their food.. This taste of adventure comes from Randy’s many journeys & adventures cooking his way around the globe. We hope this video answers all your questions & gives you a little incite into what makes Randaddys Randaddys, enjoy.

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Posted by Randaddy’s Lahinch on Friday, 24 June 2016

Randaddy’s is owned and operated by Randy Lewis. A native of Canada, Randy has cooked his way around the world, immersing himself in the culture and culinary customs of each country he has visited. So, how the heck did he end up in Lahinch?

“If I never saw The West, I knew I would regret it . .” 

AboutRandaddysRandyExploringWell you see, Randy loves to travel but he’s no ordinary tourist! He sees countries and cultures as great sources of ingredients, ideas and inspiration. Randy has incorporated what he absorbs from his travels into his cooking and creates flavoursome food made from the freshest, seasonal ingredients.

“Garlic, herbs and spices redefine dishes, if you have a good pantry, you can make something from nothing . .” 

It’s Randy’s ability to combine the exotic with the everyday to create culinary delights that makes dining in Randaddy’s such an awesome eating experience. Randy is an explorer who loves to collect and compile ingredients and ideas from the countries he visits. He collates all this information in his recipe scrapbook so he can use what he has learned in Randaddy’s.

“I can’t wait to bring my son on the same adventures I had growing up . .” 

Centuries ago, explorers such as Magellan, Marco Polo and Columbus took samples of what they found for later study. They were always up for the next adventure – so is Randy. He is an unashamed adventurer, always up for the next voyage and he wants nothing more than to share his discoveries with you, to give you ‘a real taste of adventure’…