Our First Baby Food Video

Baby Food Photo


It is very interesting to see what babies and small children are fed by their parents in different countries. It really opens your eyes to how the food of your culture is introduced to you at a very young age. In Thailand I often saw small children, and even toddlers, sucking limes almost like a soother, and in India it is very common for children to eat a slightly spicy rice dish with vegetables. 

When our little man, Sam, was getting close to being able to move on to solid food, our experiences in different countries led us to start researching different baby food recipes.  I knew I wanted to keep everything organic, fresh and nutritious but I also wanted Sam’s diet to be varied.  We have introduced so many different tastes and textures into his little life and he is thriving. 

Often when children are Sams age, most of the food gets flung on the wall and floor, but playing with food is their way of experiencing it.  I want Sam to grow to enjoy food and more importantly to enjoy good food. 

We have the same attitude to the food we serve in the restaurant.  Everything is made fresh every day, and we don’t use any additives or preservatives in our food. It tastes good and we want you to enjoy it, we draw the line though at flinging food at the walls or the floor.

We have a baby food recipe option from the videos available in the restaurant over the next few weeks.