Sample menu




Garlic Prawns & Mussels 12.60

Cooked in butter with basil & sundried tomatoes

Crispy Chicken Wings 8.40

Served in your choice of hot, BBQ or Teriyaki Sauce

Garlic Flatbread & Hummus 10.00

Onion & Red Pepper Hummus with parmesan cheese and a side of Mediteranean vegetables

Sweet Potato Fries 7.00

With smoked aioli dip

Moroccan Spiced Meatballs 8.60

Spiced meatballs in roasted red pepper, herbs & tomato sauce. Topped with fresh coriander

Chinese Dumplings 7.80

Prawns, pork, Shitake Mushrooms, pickled ginger, spring onions & garlic

Soup of the Day 5.00

Served with today’s 5-Seed rye bread




10z rib eye Steak 22.00

In house 21 days dry aged beef, char-grilled with onion rings & shitake mushrooms

Seared Cod & Curried Mussels 18.00

With coriander and seasonal vegetables

Teriyaki Bowl (crispy beef, chicken, prawn or tofu) 17.00

Spring onions, shitakes, green beans, red pepper and teriyaki sauce, jasmine rice

Morroccan Rack of Lamb 17.00

Sweet potato, green beans & chic-peas topped with fresh coriander

Seafood Tagliatelle (gluten friendly option available) 17.00

In lobster bisque sauce with prawns, mussels and smoked salmon

Mushroom Ravioli 16.00

Pan seared, sun dried tomatoes,fresh herbs, baby spinach


12” Pizzas


Margarita 11.50

Homemade tomato sauce base topped with mozzarella

The Greek Garden 13.90

Mediterranean roast vegetables, spinach and local St.Tola goat’s cheese

The Florentine 13.90

Ham, onion, olives, spinach and goats cheese

Meat Lovers 14.50

Bacon, pepperoni, ham and salami

BBQ Chicken 14.50

Homemade BBQ sauce with chicken, peppers and onions

Taste of the Sea 15.00

Prawns, smoked salmon and mussels

The Spicy One 13.50

Pepperoni, peppers, jalapenos

Hawaiian 12.90

Ham & pineapple

The Italian 13.50

Salami, roast tomatoes & local St.Tola goat’s cheese

Pesto Pizza

(Add Chicken 1.50 extra) 12.90 Pesto, spinach, olives, cherry tomatoes, St.Tola goats cheese





House: Valdemoro Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) by the glass: 5.50. By the bottle 20.00

Young & fresh with a natural, well-balanced acidity that offers a clean and fruity finish

Terre Forte Pinot Grigio (Italy) By the glass: 5.50. By the bottle: 21.00

Light straw colour, floral aromatics with good acidity for such a light wine

Real Campania Verdejo (Spain) 23.00 per bottle

Fruity on the palate showing good structure & a touch of bitterness. Very characteristic of the Verdejo variety

Rabbit Island Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) 24.00 per bottle

A well balanced wine. Fresh & zingy with lovely tropical fruit weight


House: Valdemoro Cabernet Suavignon (Italy) By the Glass: 5.50. By the bottle: 20.00

Fresh & furity with matured tannins that provide a harmonious, pleasant finish

Les Roucas Merlot (France) 23.00

Intense aromas of red fruits & spices. Generous & subtle wine with silky tannins

Michel Torino Malbec (Argentina) 23.00

Red berries & sweet plum aromas. Ripe, well structured tannins makes this wine easy to drink &very enjoyable

Campobello Chianti Superiore (Italy) 24.00

Intense & characteristic fruity bouqet. The palate is round & fruity with a balanced finish


Rialto Prosecco Frizzante (Italy) 26.00

Fine & persistent sparkle with hints of frui. Aromatic & sweet.


Craft Beers


Stag Ban IPA (500ML) 5.50

A dry refreshing beer with a light malt body. The hop character is spicy citrus, finishing clean with intense aromas

Stag Rua Red Ale (500ml) 5.50

A vbeer with big malt flavours. The flavour profile consists of chocolate, caramel & toffee

Molson Canadian (330ml) 4.50

Clean crisp & as fresh as the country it comes from

Blue Moon (330ml) 4.60

Brewed with white wheat & oats, this Belgian style ale features a crisp wheat finish a coriander and orange spiciness

Staroprammen (500ml) 5.60

A slightly fruity flavoured lager with hoppy notes and a pinch of citrus and green resinous

Estrelle Damm (330ml) 4.50

A clean crisp lager. The first note is creamy and dominated by aromas of yeast against a background of fresh spices enveloped in subtle roast flavours

Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime (500ml)

Bursting with the freshest fruit flavours made from the purest Swedish Spring water a fresh Zesty cider experience

Bavaria 0.0% (300ml) 4.00

Bavaria 0.0% is unlike any other alcohol free beer using pure mineral water in the brewing process it creates a delicious, refreshing alcohol alternative)



Randaddy’s flavour experience continues in the evening with more great tastes offered for dinner. Why not sit outside and listen to the Atlantic Ocean waves crash on the beach while enjoying a delicious bowl of Irish mussels or a freshly-baked pizza and beer? Or, on those cooler evenings, join us inside for a delicious, freshly-cooked taste experience while watching the sun set on this beautiful part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

At Randaddy’s, all of our ingredients are freshly prepared and have no preservatives or additives. We travel to seek and discover new and exciting tastes to give you a little of what we find through our cooking.

Our dishes are labelled for specific diets including paleo, gluten-free and vegetarian.

All our products at Randaddy’s are made here on site with absolutely no preservatives or additives. And we do mean ALL our products!

All our dishes are made to order or on the day, so please allow for preparation and cooking time. Remember, good food takes a little time!

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