Thai bbq rub

When summer turns on the magic its always a good time to have your bbq on standby.
At randaddys Lahinch we are looking at firing up the bbq on our patio weather permitting on a few chosen weekends coming up through summer. I’ll be sure to let you know on our “Facebook” link.

Thai bbq rub.

coriander 2tsp
cumin 1tsp
browned onions 2 lrge onions
fish sauce 1tbsp
ginger 1tbsp ( boil first ) then peel, diced finely
2 chilli’s diced finely
Galangal 3 pieces
Lime leaf 3
Lemongrass 2 diced finely
Tomato paste 250 ml
Oregano 1tsp
Honey 2 tbsp

Boil the ginger this will make it taste a little smoother peel it and dice this , the lemongrass and the galangal. By dicing first this will insure no chunky bits in your rub.
Gently saute ingredients in a pan for 10 minutes.
Puree in your blender .

Our next recipe will feature our spicey bbq rub, be sure to check out the sequel.

Local Produce

Fresh local ingredients play a large part in helping us create the tastiest food possible while supporting local businesses.
West Clares Celtic Salads suppliers of garden greens / herbs provide us with fresh delicious produce.

It takes very little effort to cultivate your own little herb garden on the window sill of your house. Some good natural sunlight and regular water will provide you with some rewarding results.

Be sure to check out our next blog where we feature Chilli Basil Hake with Mussels using our fresh herbs to accent the flavors of this seafood dish. (This dish is currently on our menu)